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Loving the Lifestyle... Azelea Trace

Riding in a hot air balloon for the first time, meeting friends for a karaoke party, planning a zip-lining adventure - this is not a vacation. It’s what residents love about living at Azalea Trace, an Acts Retirement-Life Community in Pensacola.

“It’s so exciting to see people truly living,” said Tammy Hardy-Fauber, the executive director at Azalea Trace. “So many think you go to a retirement community when you need care. That’s not true here. You come here to live fully.”

Living in a vivacious, active senior community like Azalea Trace is possible if you plan ahead.

Why You Need to Plan Now

Don’t wait until it’s too late. Enjoying your retirement requires planning that goes beyond 401Ks and stock options. The key to living where you want, when you need it most, requires planning in your 50s, 60s and 70s, long before you or your loved one may need any additional care. While some retirement communities may offer one or more services to meet changing health care needs, only one type offers independent living, assisted living and skilled nursing – and ensures your financial security. That type is the continuing care retirement community or CCRC.

This peace of mind goes beyond the quality of health care at Azalea Trace. The array of amenities and social activities is one of the most overlooked benefits of living in a CCRC.

Activities at Your Fingertips

Each CCRC has its unique features. Azalea Trace, for example, is known for its wide array of hobby shops. Residents can tinker with wood work, vintage clocks, radios and electronics. There is something for everyone.

“One of the men had never done woodwork until he moved into Azalea Trace. Now, he’s the local expert and teaches others on how to pick it up,” said Luke Nutt, who enjoys the electronic shop on campus.

Residents also enjoy fitness activities on Azalea Trace’s lush 116-acre campus. Its fitness program will be rolling out new classes this spring when the community pool renovation is completed. Classes include Tai Chi, yoga and dance lessons.

Celebrating the Future

“Everything is a celebration here at Azalea Trace,” says Hardy-Fauber. “Every month, we have a dress-up, knock-out gala. You’d think it was New Year’s Eve 12 times a year.”

The monthly galas are a formal family affair, a special night where new residents are welcomed into the community.

Eliminate Financial Burdens

By living in a CCRC, residents eliminate the costly burdens and unpredictability of home ownership. At Acts, it comes with another huge benefit.

“At all Acts Retirement-Life Communities, there is one additional, very special safety net,” said Huff. “If residents exhaust their finances, due to no fault of their own, our Samaritan Fund will step in and provide additional assistance.”

Founded in faith, Acts serves its nearly 9,000 residents with a commitment to loving-kindness. Since Azalea Trace is a not-for-profit entity, excess revenue -- outside operating expenses -- is reinvested into enhancing its communities and satisfying residents’ happiness and well-being.

“Loving kindness truly sets the tone for Acts,” says Hardy-Fauber.

“Our staff will fall over backwards to keep residents satisfied. We live and breathe loving kindness. It’s who we are. Residents trust us that we’ll always put them first.” To learn more about what Azalea Trace has to offer, please call (888) 346-0109.

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